PhiladelphiaNursing Home Neglect Claims

When our elderly family members are no longer able to care for themselves, we rely on trained professionals to help. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are supposed to be safe places, in which family members receive compassionate, attentive medical care. Unfortunately, elderly individuals are often neglected and abused in nursing homes. A recent study found violations at 94 percent of nursing homes nationally, as these nursing homes continue to put profit over people.  Troy R. Crichton, Esq., a Philadelphia nursing home negligence attorney continues to hold responsible parties accountable for the harm inflicted on vulnerable loved ones.

Recognizing the signs of nursing home abuse and negligence

Generally speaking, certain signs and symptoms may be indicative of nursing home negligence or abuse:

  • Trips, Falls, and Broken Bones

  • Bed sores

  • Poor Hygiene

  • Incorrect medication administration

  • Unexplained death or suspicious behaviors

  • Extremem weight loss or weight gain

  • Depression

  • Fear or strange behavior around care givers and nursing staff

Our firm has knowledgeable Philadelphia nursing home negligence attorneys who are best positioned to assess whether your family member is a victim of negligence or abuse. If you have reason to suspect that a family member has been a victim of abuse or neglect at the hands of a care provider, enlist my help immediately. In these cases, you need an aggressive, formidable attorney who can take the perpetrators of nursing home abuse and neglect head on. Having earned a reputation as the toughest, hardest-working attorney in Philadelphia, attorney Crichton and his legal team do not rest until they have achieved complete justice for you and your loved ones.

Holding responsible parties accountable for nursing home negligence and abuse

The penalties for nursing home abuse span criminal and civil laws. Individuals found guilty of nursing home abuse can face misdemeanor or felony criminal penalties, including fines and jail time. Nursing home negligence claims give rise to a civil lawsuit, through which victims and their families seek monetary recovery from responsible individuals and institutions. As Philadelphia’s only nursing home negligence and abuse attorney who is active in both civil and criminal court, attorney van der Veen has an unparalleled understanding of these legal disputes. Our law firm has helped countless families across Pennsylvania and New Jersey seek compensation on behalf of elderly family members. 

Philadelphia Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

If you suspect nursing home abuse, it is essential that you remove your loved one from the facility immediately. After doing so, request their medical and treatment records and then call Troy R. Crichton, Esq. right away.  Holding responsible parties accountable can also prevent similar circumstances from befalling others. Call 267-225-3317 or contact us online. We work around-the-clock for clients and are available to you at any hour of the day or night.

"Because when you've been injured, your job is to get better. I'll handle the rest.”

"Because when you've been injured, your job is to get better. I'll handle the rest.”