Philadelphia Gun Charge Defense Lawyer

  • Possession of a Concealed Firearm without Permit to Carry (18 PA C.S. 6106)

  • Felon in Possession of a Firearm (18 PA C.S. 6105)

  • Possession of a Firearm on the Streets of Philadelphia (18 PA C.S. 6108)

  • Obliterated Serial Number

  • Prohibited Offensive weapons (18 Pa.C.S. 908)

  • Gun Purchasing Charges (Straw Purchase and violations of 18. Pa. C.S. 6111)

Why is it Illegal to have a Gun in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is the only “city of the first class” in Pennsylvania and as such, it is treated differently by the law makers in Harrisburg. There are many laws that only affect “cities of the first class” in Pennsylvania, but for our purposes we are just talking about gun laws. Trust me, “city of the first class”, it is not a compliment.

Throughout Pennsylvania it is completely legal to carry a handgun, provided that you carry it “openly”. You may have heard of “open carry” in the media or news. Yes, it is completely legal to carry a handgun on your waist everywhere in Pennsylvania, except for Philadelphia. The lawmakers in Harrisburg enacted §6108 of VUFA (Violations of the Uniform Firearm Act) which makes it illegal to carry a handgun “openly” on the streets in Philadelphia. Therefore, the only way to carry a handgun in Philadelphia is to conceal it and to conceal it you must have a concealed weapons permit. If you do not have a concealed weapons permit and are caught with a handgun you will be subject to §6106 of VUFA

It is an administrative headache to get a license to carry in Philadelphia. Which fulfills Harrisburg’s legislative intent: to keep guns out of Philadelphia. It’s my opinion that the only purpose it serves is to keep guns out of the hands of law- abiding citizens.

Philadelphia Gun Lawyer

Philadelphia Gun Lawyer

Gun Charges are some of the most serious charges in the Commonwealth.  Gun Charges generally have some of the highest Sentencing Guidelines outside of extremely violent crimes. If you or a loved one is charged with a Violation of the Uniform Firearm Act, you need to speak with Troy Crichton, Esq., an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  Attorney Crichton has had excellent success in getting gun charges dropped, downgraded, or beaten at trial.