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The United States’ Second Amendment’s guarantee of our right to bear arms has never been and will never be totally free from criticism or from controversy. Every state is individually responsible for creating and enforcing the unique circumstances under which its own citizens can legally purchase, carry, and use different categories of firearms and other weapons.

Pennsylvania is not an exception to any of the rules and its state legislature has found it necessary to create and enforce an extensive series of laws and regulations governing the realm of firearm use and ownership. There is no possible argument to be had that gun rights in Pennsylvania or any other state should not be without any limits and it is imperative that everyone, whether they are gun owners or not, fully understand all the many scenarios in which a gun crime can potentially be charged.

If you are facing concealed weapons violations, criminal charges for the illegal felony possession of a firearm, or any other type of crime related to using, owning, carrying, or brandishing a firearm, a guns lawyer in Delaware County, PA can make a plan for you to successfully navigate the rocky statutory terrain that surrounds guns in order to obtain the most desirable outcome possible under the law and under the facts of your case.

Criminal Gun Violations In The State Of Pennsylvania

Everyone who lives in, conducts business in, or visits the state of Pennsylvania needs to be sure that they completely understand that all gun possession and ownership laws within the state are very clearly defined by statute and the penalties are very strictly imposed upon any person who is in violation of those laws. The most commonly prosecuted gun offenses requiring the assistance of a guns attorney in Delaware County, PA include carrying a concealed weapon without a permit where a permit is required, possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, possession of illegal or modified firearms, possession of a firearm while in the act of committing a felony, and carrying a firearm in a prohibited zone, such as a school zone.

The Consequences Of Gun Crimes In Delaware County, PA

The Pennsylvania Penal Code’s firearms statutes are long and complicated, especially when combined with all of the related federal gun regulations. Since there are so many different ways in which a citizen or visitor to the state could find themselves facing a criminal gun charge, it is necessary for everyone in Pennsylvania for any amount of time to fully grasp the potentially life-changing legal consequences of a conviction. Individuals who are found guilty of violating Pennsylvania or federal gun laws must immediately consult with a guns attorney in Delaware County, as they may face a significant period of incarceration, a permanent bar from ever owning a gun, high court costs and criminal fines, the loss of any professional licenses held, the loss of their current employment, a life-long criminal record, and damage to their immigration status, including deportation.

Viable Defenses Against Gun Crimes Charges In Pennsylvania

Being informed that you are being charged with a gun crime can be an absolutely terrifying experience. It is very important to remain logical and remember that a perfectly viable legal defense may be available to you. An experienced Delaware County guns attorney is there to work hard on formulating an effective defense strategy for your unique case. Some common defenses that are seen in gun crime cases can include issues of whether or not there was actual intent to carry the gun, whether or not the firearm was even loaded when the alleged crime took place, whether or not the gun was otherwise functional at the time of the crime, the accused individual’s knowledge of whether or not the gun was in their personal possession, and whether or not the accused individual was in fear of imminent harm when the alleged gun crime occurred.

Knowledgeable Guns Attorney In Delaware County, Pennsylvania

There is no way around the fact that that there are life-altering penalties that can be imposed upon people who end up convicted of gun crimes in Pennsylvania. Individuals accused of these crimes must act quickly to secure an effective legal defense.

Troy R. Crichton of Crichton Law understands the Pennsylvania legal system and knows how to get the best results for you. Attorney Crichton practices law that focuses on the client. He has tried hundreds of cases in both civil and in criminal courts and he has recovered many hundreds of thousands of dollars for his injured clients, in addition to many acquittals for clients who were accused of gun violations and other crimes. If you would like to learn about your rights from a seasoned Delaware County, PA guns lawyer, contact us today.

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