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Who is Liable For Commercial Trucking Accidents?
  • Published: June 7, 2022

In 2019, approximately 158,000 people were injured in large or commercial truck accidents, up from 134,000 in 2016. Due to their sheer size, trucks can be especially dangerous in crashes. Compounded with the rise of aggressive and distracted driving, commercial trucks can pose a big risk if not safely operated. Commercial trucks include more than the infamous 18-wheelers or semis you see on the highway. Delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, garbage trucks, and more are categorized as commercial trucks. Generally, If a large truck is owned by a company and operated by employees as a condition of their employment, the truck is… Read More

I was Injured in a Pedestrian Car Accident. Can I Sue?
  • Published: May 25, 2022

Pedestrian Car Accidents Common as Traffic Deaths Reach Nationwide High Last year traffic deaths reached a nationwide high for the first time in 16 years. Traffic deaths are projected to continue on an upwards trend throughout 2022. The increase is suspected to be a result of reckless driving. Reckless driving has been on the rise since the pandemic, as work from home flexibility lessened the number of drivers on the road. Pandemic drivers became accustomed to speeding on open roads, avoiding road congestion, and violating a number of other traffic laws. The results have been fatal. Last year, 45 pedestrians… Read More

I Was Injured but I Signed a Liability Waiver. Can I Sue?
  • Published: May 4, 2022

Exciting experiences like ziplining, training classes, and sports and activities provided by businesses are often accompanied by legal documents known as liability waivers. As a participant, it’s important to know the impact a liability waiver can have on your rights to recover damages in the event of an accident. However, just because you have signed a liability waiver, doesn’t mean you can’t recover damages if a company or organization has been intentionally or grossly negligent.  What is a Liability Waiver?  Liability waivers, sometimes referred to as release forms, are legally binding documents that people engaging in an activity must sign… Read More

Philadelphia Becomes the First Major City to Ban Minor Traffic Stops
  • Published: April 7, 2022

This year Philadelphia became the first major city in the United States to ban law enforcement from pulling drivers over for minor traffic violations. The bill, called the Driving Equality Act, was passed in October of last year with the goal to “provide for the fair and transparent administration of the traffic violations” and “prevent racial disparities,”. The Philadelphia Police Department was provided with 120 days to prepare for its implementation after Mayor Kenney signed the bill. In March, the 120 day preparation period concluded and the Achieving Driving Equality law officially came into effect. The law effectively bans police… Read More

I was Injured Attending a Concert. Who is Liable for My Injuries?
  • Published: March 15, 2022

Injuries at public events can be dangerous when adequate safety measures haven’t been taken. Too often concert venues become hazardous when they are overcrowded or when proper security and emergency procedures aren’t in place. In 2021, an Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas made headlines when it turned deadly for ten concertgoers. The victims were injured in a crowd surge during the Travis Scott concert, which was attended by more than 50,000 people. Hundreds of additional concertgoers sustained injuries during the music festival, some having to be immediately transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. The victims of the music festival have… Read More

Avoid Liability for an Icy Slip and Fall This Winter.
  • Published: March 1, 2022

Roughly 1 million adults are injured in slip and falls in the US every year. In the winter, the rate of injuries incurred from slip and falls also increases, due to additional risk factors like ice and snow. These additional risks can be a liability for homeowners who need to maintain their property. If you are a homeowner, you may be surprised to learn that you are responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalk in front of your home. Consequently, if you neglect to clear the snow on your sidewalk, you may be liable for any of the injuries incurred… Read More

Who is at Fault In a Rear End Car Accident?
  • Published: February 9, 2022

Who Is at Fault In a Rear-End Car Accident?  Rear end collisions are typically the fault of the rear end driver. Under Pennsylvania law, drivers are expected to maintain a safe distance and drive at a reasonable speed to prevent rear end collisions. Thus, drivers who rear end the car in front of them are generally responsible for the accident because they should have been maintaining a distance that would allow them to safely stop without hitting the car in front of them. Negligent rear drivers, who might be texting or tailgating, can be found liable for damages or injuries… Read More

Injured in a Sidewalk Trip and Fall, Can I Sue?
  • Published: January 14, 2022

  Philadelphia is a walking city–over 30 percent of Philadelphia residents do not own or have access to a vehicle and rely primarily on public transportation or walking to travel across the city. Unfortunately, the city’s poor sidewalk conditions have led to many slip and fall accidents.  Sidewalk accidents aren't uncommon, and eldery, disabled people, or children are at a much higher risk of suffering from injuries in a sidewalk slip and fall. Sidewalks accidents can happen for a variety of reasons: cracks in the concrete, uneven pavement, or landscaping negligence. Injuries can range from a broken wrist to a… Read More

Does Car Insurance Cover Bike Accidents?
  • Published: December 23, 2021

A Resurgence in Pandemic Era Biking has Led to an Increase in Bike Accidents  Across the United States 870,000 workers commute to their workplace via bicycle. In urban areas and cities, young professionals commute to work in relatively high numbers. Cycling has become even more prevalent since public transportation has been threatened by COVID-19. While some cities have opted to make bicycle commuting safer and more enjoyable through designated bike lanes and laws that protect cyclists–not all streets are ideal for biking. The pandemic-related rise in cycling is also reflected by an increase of bicycle accidents. While the total number… Read More

A Malfunctioning Traffic Light Caused my Car Accident.
  • Published: December 4, 2021

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that Philadelphia's traffic lights are a medley of old and new technology; many of the traffic lights stationed across Philadelphia’s intersections are prone to malfunctions and mechanical breakdowns.  Malfunctioning traffic lights can be dangerous and cause car accidents. While the city has made efforts to repair and synchronize traffic lights across Philadelphia, upgrades are still happening slowly. In 2016, Philadelphia passed legislation that would help drivers avoid traffic violations and tickets for driving through unresponsive traffic lights. The law allows drivers in Pennsylvania to treat a malfunctioning traffic light stop sign. This law… Read More

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