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When we are talking about trucking accidents, we are generally referring to commercial shipping trucks that haul freight. However, it may also include smaller trucks, like box trucks or moving trucks. It can also include work trucks, such as dump trucks, concrete trucks, mixer trucks, or anything that is a commercial vehicle with multiple axels regulated by the state and federal government.

What Makes These Accidents Different Than Passenger Vehicle Accidents, In Terms Of The Damage And The Types Of Injuries?

Trucks have the ability to cause a lot more damage than your average passenger vehicle, simply because they are larger and are made out of heavier materials. An 18-wheeler, for example, weighs much more than a Toyota Prius. At the same time, it takes them much more energy to get up to speed and much more energy to stop. When you have the force of a 30-ton truck versus a half-ton vehicle, you are going to have more extensive property damage, more extensive injuries, and a much more serious case. The other way that these cases are different is that truck drivers are professional drivers and they require special commercial driver’s licenses in many states.

Commercial trucks are regulated by the state and federal government, so there are federal regulations that are required of interstate trucking. These requirements include that drivers have adequate sleep, adequate time off the road, and that they follow safety regulations in their driving and with the maintenance of their vehicle. These requirements exist due to the ability of these commercial trucks to cause very serious injury. Generally, when there is a commercial trucking accident, there is an extensive investigation. The investigation begins the moment the accident occurs. The police are required to come out to trucking accidents and they are required to submit an accident scene reconstruction.

There are other investigations that are required, such as a check of the logbooks, safety regulations, and a check of the truck’s black box, which can tell you exactly how fast the truck was going and how long that truck had been on the road. All of these things are important to investigate because these types of accidents generally don’t happen for no reason. If you are in a trucking accident, it is important that you retain an attorney, who can launch an immediate investigation to get the evidence you need for your claim.

If The Trucking Company Responsible For My Injuries Is Located Out-Of-State, How Does That Impact My Personal Injury Recovery Process?

The law governing an accident with a trucking company is going to be based on where the accident took place. Although most trucking companies are nationally based, they may have a headquarters in a different state. They are subject to the federal rules and regulations, which are the same in every state, but, additionally, they may be subject to state rules and regulations. It is important to note that there are also local trucking companies in each state. It is very important that you hire a personal injury attorney, who understands trucking law and can identify the correct defendants, file suit in a proper venue, and get you the maximum recovery under the law.

General Information:

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Filing A Personal Injury Claim When Hit By A Commercial Truck?

The statute of limitations for a trucking case is two years from the date of the accident. However, if you are in a trucking accident, you should get an attorney involved immediately, because the trucking company has already gotten their attorneys involved. Any time a commercial truck is in an accident, the defendant’s company has an emergency response team who gets there before anyone else does. They are already working to ensure that they can minimize their liability. It only takes a conversation and an attorney can come and meet with you, even in the hospital. You do not want to be behind on the investigation or have the defendant’s agents working to minimize their liability without having your own attorney working for you.

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