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The federal law known as The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 categorizes narcotics, marijuana, and other illegal drugs into five different schedules. It also lists requirements regarding the manufacturing and distribution of these drugs and the penalties for associated violations. The penalties for federal drug crimes can range anywhere from severe to devastatingly severe. Depending on the schedule of the drug and the quantity possessed in addition to the presence or absence of aggravating factors, you could be facing a lengthy prison sentence. If you have been charged with a federal drug crime in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, you are in need of an experienced drug crime defense attorney to protect your rights.

Is it possible to get a misdemeanor drug charge in Montgomery County?

It is a misconception that possessing a certain quantity of a certain drug will automatically be cause for a felony drug charge. This is how it works in other states, but not in Pennsylvania. If you can manage to prove that the drugs you possessed were for personal use and not for sale, you can only be charged with a misdemeanor, no matter the quantity. Simple possession is always a misdemeanor; possession with intent to deliver is always a felony. Selling one gram of marijuana is a felony drug crime. Possessing one pound of marijuana for personal use is a misdemeanor. Drug crime defense lawyers are available in Montgomery County, PA to help show you how you can prove your intent in these types of cases.

What is criminal forfeiture and what does it have to do with my Montgomery County drug case?

A forfeiture takes place when the government seizes property that it suspects is connected to a crime. This tactic is often utilized by government enforcement agencies claiming that the practice of forfeiture effectively deters drug crimes. Those who oppose forfeiture, however, believe that criminal forfeiture often results in innocent people losing their property to the government without any type of recourse. If your property has been forfeited as the result of a criminal drug case, please do not hesitate to contact Crichton Law to speak with an experienced drug crime defense attorney in Montgomery County, PA.

Are there any alternative programs to avoid incarceration in a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Drug Case?

Over the past few decades, there has been a very slow but apparent shift in our justice system’s approach to crimes concerning drugs. There are now drug courts operating or planning to operate in all 50 states. Drug court programs provide an alternative to incarceration by providing a very structured environment that is heavily focused on treatment and adequate supervision for defendants addicted to drugs. This is in contrast to the severe punishment-based attempts to rehabilitate these drug offenders in the past. Contact a drug crime defense attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania for more information on the full range of incarceration alternatives in drug cases.

What is the difference between drug court and criminal court in Pennsylvania?

Drug court programs are a mixture of criminal justice and medical treatment meant to address substance abuse addiction related crimes. These programs acknowledge the fact that incarceration is usually not the most effective way to address drug or alcohol addiction and the criminal activity that can stem from it, especially for a first-time offender. Drug court requires continuous cooperation from the prosecuting attorney, the defendant, and the judge and heavily promotes rehabilitation over incarceration. If you successfully complete a drug court program, it could result in a reduced charge or complete dismissal of your drug charge. Drug charges are serious and require attention from a drug crime defense attorney. Drug crime defense lawyers know how to protect your legal rights and negotiate with the prosecutor for you.

Experienced Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

When you consider the fact that the state can impose incredibly severe penalties on people convicted of drug crimes, it becomes important for individuals accused of these types of crimes to secure the quickest and most effective legal defense possible.

Troy R. Crichton of Crichton Law possesses real-world knowledge of the legal system, drug charges, and how to get the most favorable results possible. Crichton Law operates by focusing on you, the client. Attorney Crichton answers his cell phone and returns clients’ calls as soon as possible. As a result of trying hundreds of cases in civil and criminal courts, he has recovered sizable monetary awards for his injured clients and many acquittals for his clients accused of drug crimes. If you need more information regarding your rights in a drug case from a Montgomery County, PA drug crime defense attorney who is committed to advocating for you, contact us today.

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