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If you fall in a parking lot due to a defect in the parking lot, you can recover for that injury. The owner of the parking lot, as well as the store that uses the parking lot, has a duty to inspect and repair the parking lot. The tenant pays rent to the entity that owns the parking lot and, in exchange, it gives a place for its customers to park. They have a duty to address any potholes, uneven surfaces, or crumbling sidewalks.

Can I Sue, If I Fall In A Shopping Mall?

If you slip and fall in a shopping mall and injure yourself, you can sue for that injury. Often, people will slip and fall on liquid left in a shopping mall by a patron in the food court or other high traffic areas. The owner of the shopping mall has a duty to inspect and a duty to keep their premises safe for their shoppers. In addition to the owner of the mall, there may be other entities at the mall who also have a duty to inspect and fix any dangerous or slippery conditions. Most malls have a maintenance crew that will walk around to clean up spills and make sure there are no dangerous conditions for patrons in the mall.

In addition to the maintenance crew, there is also mall security. Mall security’s job is to make sure that the mall is safe. It is their duty to patrol the mall and the walkways to make sure that there are no dangerous conditions that may cause a shopper to be injured. If you are injured in a shopping mall, you can sue to recover for your injuries in a premises liability action.

I Slipped. There Was No Warning Posted. Can I Sue?

If you slipped and there was no warning posted, you can sue and potentially recover for your injuries. Under premises liability law, a land owner or a business has two duties. First, their duty is to inspect their premises to make sure it is safe. Second, their duty is to warn, if it is unsafe, or to remediate the situation. For example, when you go to a restaurant and the restroom is being cleaned, you will often see a sign outside the door that says, “Wet floor, cleaning in progress”. If you walk into the restroom, there is no warning that someone is in there cleaning, and you slip and fall on the wet floor, you have a cause of action to sue.

Can I Sue Philadelphia For Negligence?

You can sue Philadelphia for negligence. However, there are several important laws that govern the ability to sue Philadelphia. When it comes to suing Philadelphia for a slip-and-fall injury that took place on city property, you have to show that the defect was of the property and not on the property. For example, if a stairwell to the subway station is crumbling and you slip and fall on that crumbling stairwell, that is a defect of the property and you can sue for it. However, if someone getting off the subway has dropped their soda and you slip on the soda and fall, you cannot sue the city because that is on the property. The city doesn’t have the same responsibilities as a private business, due to the breadth of the city. It is very important that if you do slip and fall on city-owned property, you take a picture of what you fell on and contact an attorney immediately.

In addition to the distinction between defects on and of the property, there are also notification requirements. If you want to sue the city of Philadelphia, you have to notify them in a particular manner within six months of the accident. Your failure to put the city on notice is a defense that the city can raise at trial and get your case dismissed. It is very important, if you are injured on city property, that you immediately speak with and hire a personal injury attorney, who can properly put the city on notice.

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