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The first thing you should do after a car accident, if you are able to, is exchange information with the other driver. If you have a smartphone, you should take a photograph of the other driver’s license, license plate, insurance card, and make and model of the vehicle. Then, call 911. When you call 911, you should ask for a police officer to arrive. Although in the city and county of Philadelphia, police officers often do not come out to accidents, you should attempt to make a report. You should also get checked out, medically at the hospital. If you are bleeding at the scene of the accident or there is extensive property damage, an ambulance may be dispatched to take you to the hospital. In the event that you have no immediate traumatic injury, it is still important that you get checked out at the hospital to ensure that you do not have hidden injuries such as hemorrhaging or hairline fractures.

Many injuries from car accidents do not manifest right away. Instead, many of the debilitating aches and pains you may experience from a car accident often do not set in until a few days to a week later. It is important to get di care to make sure you don’t have any broken bones or internal injuries. If you have a chance to speak with the police, make sure you get the police report number. Often, the police officers will give you a report number and tell you that you can pick up the report later at the station. The police report will generally contain the information that your personal injury attorney needs to begin your case and get you on the right path.

Once I Have An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney, What Information Is Critical To Share With Him? Will My Medical History Be Used Against Me?

You should always be honest with your attorney and tell him or her exactly how the accident happened and exactly why you believe that you were not at fault. In addition to being totally honest with your attorney from the beginning, you should also be aware of what you say to your medical providers. Often, one of the first pieces of evidence the defense attorney likes to point out is what was written down in the hospital records. For example, there will be a note from your emergency room visit saying that you only complained of neck pain. Be sure to be very inclusive with your medical providers and tell them where everything hurts. If you initially complain of only neck pain but after a couple of months of treatment, it is determined that you actually have a head injury, the insurance company is going to fight it.

Will The Insurance Company Have Access To My Past And Present Medical History And Treatments? Will Any Past Unrelated Injuries Or Illnesses Impact My Personal Injury Case?

The insurance company will not have access to your past medical history, unless your attorney or yourself allows them to have access to it. In Pennsylvania, we have a legal concept called the Eggshell Plaintiff. If a Defendant causes the accident that breaks the egg, then they are liable, regardless of the Plaintiff’s fragility. In other words, you have to take the plaintiff as you find them despite their pre-existing conditions. In the same sense, you are also responsible for aggravation of a preexisting condition. If you suffer from nerve pain in your hands due to diabetic neuropathy and the accident made it worse, then you can recover for the accident making it worse. This typically will become quite an argument through litigation and it is particularly important that you have a strong advocate who can ensure that you recover for all of your pain and suffering.

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