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3 Things you Should Do in a Motorcycle, Car or Bicycle Accident

  • Published: February 20, 2017
3 Things you Should Do in a Motorcycle, Car or Bicycle Accident

3 Things you should Do in a Motorcycle, Car or Bicycle Accident

Call an experienced Pennsylvania Injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident occurs. I can be reached at (267) 225-3317.  You should hire a lawyer before you even speak to your own insurance company.  Giving a “recorded statement” may later be used against you…(see #1 below).

Take Pictures! Take pictures or video of everything if possible; the accident scene, your injuries, damages to your vehicle. Memories weaken and people lie. Shoot a video of any witnesses who were at the scene stating what happened. (Don’t forget their name and telephone number). We all have an extremely powerful recording device in our pocket. Use it when it matters!

Keep a claim journal:  Litigation may take years and it will be helpful to have a source to refresh your memory. In your claim journal you can keep track of your daily pain levels, any out of pocket medical expenses or other expenses incurred during recovery.  You can also keep track of issues and inconveniences that arise over the time of your injury. It’s important to keep track of these things because memories weaken and once you’ve recovered from your injury you may have a hard time remembering how truly painful it was in the moment.

3 Things you should NOT do in a Motorcycle, Car or Bicycle Accident

Don’t Give a recorded statement to your insurer:  There is a reason why insurance companies call almost immediately after an accident occurs. Your adrenaline is pumping, you likely don’t know or understand the extent of you injuries and your insurance company is already laying the groundwork to deny your claim.  Don’t let them.  You aren’t required to allow the insurance company to record your conversation, so don’t.  Your best option is to retain Troy R. Crichton, Esq. and when the insurance company calls, all you have to do is say “Troy is my lawyer.  You can reach him at (267) 225-3317.

Don’t Accept the Insurance Companies Property Damage Appraisal:  Insurance companies want you to accept their estimator’s repair/replacement estimates which are quite often low or designed to force you to go with “their guy” for repairs.  No one knows the love, time and money that went into your bike more than you. Feel free to give me a call for a free consultation regarding your current insurance policy to make sure you have enough “accessory coverage” to cover all the investments you’ve put into your ride.

Don’t sign any releases or waivers:  Don’t ever sign anything until you’ve spoken to an accident lawyer. Most people, especially after an accident, do not understand how much future compensation they may need and may not be in the mental state to think objectively about their claim.  Do not be pressured by and insurance company or anyone promising to get you money now. Typically that is a ploy designed to get you to settle for much less than your case is worth.

We love helping other riders recuperate and move on from their accident in the best way possible. Here at, Troy R. Crichton, Esq. is a full service attorney.  He promptly returns phone calls, will visit you in home or hospital and takes the time to help every client understand the latest developments in their case. Troy’s clients can sleep easy knowing Troy is fighting for them.

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