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New PA Law “Ride on Red” in effect for 2017 Riding Season

  • Published: February 13, 2017
New PA Law “Ride on Red” in effect for 2017 Riding Season

It’s happened to us all before…enjoying a nice riding through the rolling hills of Pennsylvania when you come across a stoplight on a rural stretch. You stop at the red light and wait and wait AND WAIT. The light cycles through all the intersections except yours before you just give up, take a good look around and roll on through.

Most riders have encountered these “smart” stoplights that fail to recognize motorcycles. I’ve even seen bikers park in the road and walk over to press the crosswalk button rather than break the law. Now, thanks to Senate Bill 1267, commonsense prevails in Pennsylvania.

In September, Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1267 or “Ride on Red” law amended Title 75 Sections 3312 (c) and 3116(q) of the PA vehicle code to permit vehicles to proceed through a solid red light when that red light has malfunctioned, has inductive loop sensors or has automated technology that fails to detect a vehicle. The bill was originally targeted towards motorcycles, but has been expanded to all vehicles as well.

If the vehicle detection system fails to recognize the vehicle and the driver has come to a complete stop, the driver must make sure it’s safe to continue and then proceed with caution through the intersection. This new law may have far reaching implications in both rural and city environments. Many lights in Philadelphia have inductive loop sensors that regularly fail to sense motorcycles. How long does a rider have to wait at a red light late at night with minimal traffic and no evidence of the light changing? We know these sensors have trouble with motorcycles, but what about bicycles. Bicycles are vehicles and must comply with Pennsylvania’s vehicle code as well.

These are some of the questions that will have to be answered as Pennsylvania deals with this new law. One thing is certain, you should never go through a red light without clear visibility of all oncoming lanes. When in doubt wait, Motorcyclist’s always have the most to lose. If you have been injured in an accident you need to call Troy R. Crichton, Esq. Philadelphia Motorcycle Lawyer at (267) 225-3317 immediately. I will be able to promptly investigate the scene of the accident, collect evidence and make sure your rights are protected.

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