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Cops Lie, Vice Magazine and the True Story

  • Published: March 10, 2017
Cops Lie, Vice Magazine and the True Story

Cops lie and that’s the truth.  VICE Magazine recently covered a story here in Philadelphia regarding Officer Michael Outlaw and his allegations against Clarence Thompson.  Attorney Troy Crichton represented Mr. Thompson at his criminal trial and cleared his name, which ultimately resulted in a $125,000 settlement with the City of Philadelphia.

On November 27, 2013 in South West Philadelphia, Philadelphia Officer Michael Outlaw accused Clarence Thompson, an 18-year-old African American male of Aggravated Assault, a felony, and Resisting Arrest, a misdemeanor.  On the day of trial, Mr. Thompson was offered a plea bargain to resisting arrest as a misdemeanor. Why risk a felony? After consulting with his attorney, Mr. Thompson rejected the offer, maintained his innocence, and trusted attorney Troy Crichton to ensure justice prevails.

At trial, Attorney Crichton and his client were able to establish that Officer Outlaw had no probable cause to stop and question Mr. Thompson and that the officer’s allegations of assault were complete fabrications.  Officer Outlaw testified that while he himself was not hurt, he had “no idea” how Mr. Thompson’s face became bloodied upon arrest despite conflicting testimony and physical evidence. Mr. Thompson walked out of that courtroom vindicated; he would not be a victim to lying cops or a corrupted system.

Despite the fact that police misconduct is getting more media coverage the simple truth remains: juries and judges are much more likely to believe a police officer’s word over civilians.  If you’ve been accused of a crime by law enforcement, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to establish that the officers are lying through dogged investigation and intense courtroom cross-examination.  If you’ve been accused of a crime call Troy Crichton at (267) 225-3317 for a free consultation.

To read the original article from VICE Magazine: click here

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