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I was Injured Attending a Concert. Who is Liable for My Injuries?

  • Published: March 15, 2022
I was Injured Attending a Concert. Who is Liable for My Injuries?

Injuries at public events can be dangerous when adequate safety measures haven’t been taken. Too often concert venues become hazardous when they are overcrowded or when proper security and emergency procedures aren’t in place. In 2021, an Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas made headlines when it turned deadly for ten concertgoers. The victims were injured in a crowd surge during the Travis Scott concert, which was attended by more than 50,000 people. Hundreds of additional concertgoers sustained injuries during the music festival, some having to be immediately transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. The victims of the music festival have named the venue, Scott, and other concert organizers in over 300 civil suits.

Injuries sustained at a concert or music festival can range from mild to severe, and injured attendees may suffer from lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Injured concert-goers may be entitled to compensation for music festival injuries. 

Common Concert Injuries 

Injuries are often sustained when concert crowds become too rowdy and push, or ‘surge’ forward against venue barricades. The force of the crowd surge can lead to attendants falling and being trampled, while the noisiness makes it difficult for victims to call for help. This was the case for the many Astroworld attendants who passed away. 

However, injuries can also occur because the venue itself may be dangerous. Venues should avoid poor lighting and quickly fix any issues such as unsteady railings or crumbling stairs.  Earlier this year a fan who attended a Harry Styles concert in 2019 brought a lawsuit against concert organizers after sustaining permanent injuries. The plaintiff alleged that at the concert another fan fell on her during a crowd surge. The claim accuses several concert organizers, including the venue, the operators, and even the ticket-site, Stubhub, for general negligence alleging that organizers failed to provide sufficient seating, lighting, and crowd control measures. 

Poor lighting, crumbling stairs, and crowd surges are just a few of the hazards that can cause concert injuries. Hazardous conditions could lead to broken limbs, sprained or fractured wrists, or even head trauma.

I was Injured Attending a Concert. Who is Liable for My Injuries? 

If you’ve been injured during a concert or music festival, you may want to know who is liable for your injuries. Premise liability is a legal concept that holds property owners accountable for injuries that happen on their property.  Thus, concert venue owners are generally held liable for injuries that occur during a concert, specifically when the property owners neglect to take adequate safety measures. Because property owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining their property, failure to do so by being negligent or careless can result in personal injury claims. 

Outside of premise liability, several other parties can be held accountable for the injuries that concertgoers incur. Concert organizers, security contractors, and even performers can be found liable if they engaged in reckless or negligent activity. The Astroworld tragedy gives us insight into why performers may be held responsible for injuries sustained at a venue. Concertgoers and legal professionals have pointed out Travis Scott’s personal effort to rile up the crowd despite attendees shouting for him to stop the concert. His actions have been cited as ‘grossly negligent’. Over 300 civil suits have been filed in Texas as a result of the Astroworld concert, many naming Scott as a defendant. Scott continues to deny personal liability.

Have you Been Injured in a Concert Accident? 

If you or someone you know has been injured attending a concert, contact Attorney Crichton today for a free consultation. You are not legally obligated to engage an attorney in personal injury cases, but when the stakes are high legal representation can be the difference between a fair and unfair settlement. 

If the concert venue or its organizers were negligent in taking adequate safety measures or remedying defunct property, you may be able to recover damages. You can receive compensation to cover lost wages, emotional or physical pain and suffering, expensive hospital and doctor bills, and more. Attorney Crichton has a strong history of advocating for his clients and reaching lucrative settlements for a wide variety of personal injury claims

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