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Injured in a Ride Share? What now?

  • Published: May 20, 2017
Injured in a Ride Share? What now?

Ride sharing has created a new “Grey Area” under the law.

In the past few years, user based transportation companies that own ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have spread across the country from one city to another. In Philadelphia, and even in suburban areas like Bucks County, Chester County and Montgomery County, ride-sharing services have captured a huge market of riders who love the ease and convenience of hailing a ride from their phone.

Our lawyers have seen that ride sharing technology comes with it own problems as well. As companies like Uber and Lyft becomes more and more popular, there have been an uptick with passengers being injured while “sharing a ride.” The proliferation of ride sharing companies have created a new legal grey area with regards to automobile accidents including both liability and insurance coverage. Unlike a traditional taxi, ride sharing drivers are generally not as knowledgable about the area, constantly distracted by their phone and often rushing to pick up the next fare. Furthermore, the usual restrictions and regulations that apply to taxi, bus and limo drivers do not necessarily apply to a ride sharing “employees”. For example these apps may employ drivers who aren’t required to submit to drug, back or safe driving checks on a regular basis. Also these ride sharing apps generally do not regularly check the maintenance and condition of their employees’ cars.

In a ride sharing accident, additional questions may arise regarding insurance coverage. Traditional insurance plans apply differently to ride sharing employees and often do not cover a driver’s passengers when a fee is involved. Recovering for injuries in a traditional accident is stressful enough, but doing so when one of the vehicles is driven during a ride sharing service adds another layer of complication.

You can leave the tough legal work to Troy R. Crichton of because when you’ve been injured in an accident you’re first priority should be recovering from you injuries. If you are injured in an accident involving a ride sharing service gather as much information as possible including: the driver’s information, witnesses’ license plates and photographs. Some of this information can be screenshot from within the app itself! You should also visit a medical professional to discover the extent of your injuries. The more information you can provide the stronger a case we can build for you. Contact us today at (267) 225-3317 for a free legal consultation!

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