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Goals When Handling Slip-And-Fall or Trip-And-FallSlip-and-fall accidents can lead to very serious injuries: broken bones, surgical intervention, permanent hardware, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, nerve damage, spine damage, disc herniations and long-lasting pain. My goal is to fight for you in obtaining the financial compensation you deserve. Slip and fall injuries can catastrophically change your life. Whether you are permanently disabled or simply no longer able to do the activities that you love, I am proud to fight for you. When you’ve been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your case. Your goal is to get better. My goal is to handle the insurance companies and obtain financial compensation for your injuries: including lost wages, medical bills, inability to work, loss of life’s pleasures, inconvenience, emotional stressors, anxiety, depression, and pain and suffering.

I have handled numerous slip and fall/trip and fall cases throughout the years with many resulting in six-figure settlements or verdicts. In 2010, I was lead trial counsel in Babbish v. Pixie Paradise which resulted in an $800,000 verdict. That verdict was one of the largest verdicts in Pennsylvania and a Top 100 Verdict across the United States. I have also secured six-figure settlements in many cases across South Eastern Pennsylvania, including defective sidewalks, negligent snow and ice removal, wet floors, mis-levelled elevators, defective staircases, potholes, parking lot defects, and more. Whether seeking trial or a settlement, you can be confident that Troy Crichton has the experience and tenacity for the job. If your life has been permanently altered due to a slip and fall injury, my goal is to get you back on your feet. Money cannot undue what happened, but it can help you pay off your medical bills, take care of your family, and make your life a little more comfortable.

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