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$300,000.00 Settlement for Philadelphia Slip and Fall

  • Published: July 8, 2020
$300,000.00 Settlement for Philadelphia Slip and Fall

The Injury Settlement

Troy Crichton, Esq., a Philadelphia lawyer representing victims of slip and fall accidents, has secured a $300,000.00 settlement on behalf of a young woman who was injured while walking to the train. The matter settled during the discovery process of civil litigation after the defendants insurance company was presented with uncontroverted evidence that clearly displayed their liability.

How did the Slip and Fall Accident Happen?

The client was walking to the SEPTA train at the Yerkes Road station in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania when her foot caught on a cable that was partially buried in the ground. She fell to the ground, but still made it to her train on time. While on the train, her ankle began to swell and she knew that something was terribly wrong. Upon arriving back to Philadelphia, she went to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a Lisfranc fracture in her foot.  The fracture required surgery which eventually led to her having a metal plate installed in her foot and a fixed with several screws.

The client did not have any pictures of exactly what she fell on, nor did she know the owner of the property where she fell.  Luckily, she hired Troy Crichton, Esq. who believed her and her story.  Due to a quick and timely investigation, attorney Crichton was able to identify the exact location where she fell and secure photographic evidence of the cable that caused the fall. Further investigation revealed that the property was owned by a regional Tree Removal Company who had leased it to another party and allowed it to become dilapidated. The cable had fallen from a post blocking an old roadway which was no longer in use by the company.  The cable had fallen into the grass and was not visible to pedestrians.   This evidence became critical in securing the settlement, as the defendant had actually gone out and fixed the cable after being put on notice of the claim.

What is a Settlement? Why Settle Instead of Going to Trial?

A Settlement is when both sides are able to come together and agree on an amount of compensation to be paid to the Plaintiff in order to resolve the case without a trial.  Typically, settlements do not include an admission of guilt on behalf the Defendants and may be subject to other negotiated terms such as confidentiality or other payment terms.  The motivation to settle typically stems from the ability to expedite the matter, as well as ensuring there are no costly and lengthy appeals as may be common after a jury trial with a large award.  Additionally, juries can be unpredictable and settlements ensure Plaintiffs are able to get the compensation they need and are required, by law, to be delivered in 30 days.

How was the Injury Settlement Calculated?

In this matter the injury settlement was calculated to compensate the victim for both her past and future pain and suffering as well as medical expenses. After her Lisfrac surgery, the Plaintiff had a rather strong recovery; however, she still has trouble walking for long periods of time and will have issues with that foot and the hardware for the foreseeable future and perhaps the rest of her life. Settlements in slip and falls and other personal injury matters are designed to compensate the Plaintiff for the past suffering, but also for foreseeable issues in the future including degeneration such as arthritis and other foreseeable injuries.

Injured in a Slip and Fall?

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